Is anyone in the Paramedic-to-RN Bridge Program?

  1. I am a licensed paramedic about to move out to Las Vegas for work. I'm interested in doing the bridge program in AZ.

    1. Is this program accepted for licensure in most states? Is it accepted in CA?

    2. As for the bridging classes Nursing 102 & 103, are these only offered in the summer? Are they offered at all campuses the bridge program is offered at? How many days a week, hours a day, and how many weeks total do these classes take? I'm hoping to be able to work in Vegas and commute to this class if possible.

    3. Is it any easier or harder for paramedics to get placed into advanced standing than it is for Block 1 students? Does anyone have any personal examples of wait list times?


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  3. by   NursingStudent14

    Did you ever find a Paramedic-RN program in Arizona? How was the transition? I am finishing up Paramedic school here in Az but am originially from California and want to go back and work.
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