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  1. I Plan To Move To Arizona, Queen Creek/casa Grande Or Gilbert/chandler. I Like Banner Hospitals...however, I Am Open To Suggestions...where Would Be The Best Place To Work Taking In To Account My Commute (45 Minutes Is Okay With Me)?

    Thanks Guys
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  3. by   JMurse89
    I'm in Queen Creek, and I plan on applying to Mercy Gilbert Medical center. They're a Catholic Healthcare West company. Being Catholic, I think this would be an ideal place to work. The hospital itself is beautiful, the dome resembling a church.

    Lemme know what you end up doing.

  4. by   Calzonan RN
    I work for Banner Mesa right now and have really enjoyed it. They are closing in September though and opening the same day at US60 and Higley, so it'll be easy to get in and out of there from Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert and even Chandler (plus some of the smaller cities like AJ, and Gold Canyon etc). Mercy Gilbert is really nice, but it's still a little small (at least that's how it seemed to me after working at Banner), so I'm not sure how much hiring they're doing. They're also still working out the kinks of opening a new hospital. It is centrally located though, for people in Queen Creek and Gilbert, and it's right off the 202, so easy to get in and out of. I've also heard that they're opening a new Banner in Queen Creek. With all the new hospitals opening your commute may be 15 minutes instead of 45
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