1. I am taking Microbiology at Gateway CC and I am having a difficult time with the Microbial Metabolism chapter and a few other topics....anyone have any suggestions on websites or ways to learn this stuff?? I feel like I am reading a foreign language when I read the chapter and I don't understand any of it!! So any help would be great!! Also anyone really good in this subject willing to tutor me or anyone else taking this class want to form a study group?? Please let me know asap...I am starting to get off track with my reading cause I dont understand it!!1 HELP!!!
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    if you want help, pm me with specific questions and ill see what i can do.
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    Rather than PM specific questions to people (or at least in addition to), you might get more help posting specific questions to the "pre-nursing student" forum.

    Several very helpful folks hang out there.

    I would recommend finding a local tutor and scheduling regular appointments.

    What are you finding so confusing about microbial metabolism?
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