How stiff is the competition?

  1. I am looking into moving to Phoenix in about 6 or 8 months. I live in North Carolina now. Here it is very difficult to get into the nursing program. 500 applicants for 80 positions. How hard is it to get into the Maricopa Community College nursing programs once you have completed all your pre-reqs?

    I would also like some advice on the best/safest places to live in the Phoenix area.

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  3. by   LYNNORA
    Try giving Gateway Community College a call and finding out.
  4. by   taapple
    They say if you are flexible than at least a semester or 2 wait. If you have to full time, or part time, or evenings only etc. and you are picky than it could be much longer! Good luck
  5. by   still-learning
    I had to wait about 2 semesters
  6. by   queen mother
    one semester - Phoenix College. Also note that with all prereqs completed you wil l also have to pass the NET to be able to apply to the Maricopa Community Colleges.