Home Health LPNs?

  1. Are there any Home Health LPNs that work in the Glendale area? If there are, please PM me, I have some questions. Thanks.

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  3. by   NeedingInfo
    I am not in Glendale, I am in East Mesa but how do you like doing Home Health? I recently started.
  4. by   fmoore723
    Oh, I just replied to your other posting on the HH board. Im actually not in Home Health right now. I was actually looking for other nurses experiences in HH. I have experience in a Nursing Home (~1 year) and Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic (2 years), but none in Home Health. Ive thought about starting once my oldest son starts school in August/possibly September. What has your experience been like? What sort of patients do you have? etc. I was just curious as to what kind of a day a HH LPN has.

  5. by   tlc365
    Hi I work HH as an LPN for Dependable Nurses of Phoenix or DNI as they call themselves and I work with ped Vent clients they are hiring and you can check into it if ya want its not a bad job just works for now while I am getting my BSN at U of Phx.