Help! ICU RN relocating to Phoenix AZ

  1. Hello,
    i was looking for updated forums about this topic but did not have a lot of luck. I am looking to move from MN to Phoenix AZ. I have 2 yrs RN experience in the Medical ICU with a BSN, also am CCRN & ACLS certified. If anyone has answers to my questions please help me out!!

    Here are my questions:
    1. Which hospitals have the best job satisfaction for ICU positions (ratios, teamwork, physicans, PTO, vacations, etc)
    2. Any hospitals offer ICU positions with working every third weekend as an option?
    3. What hourly pay am I looking at for my experience?
    4. Which hospitals offer sign on bonuses or relocation reimbursement?

    Or just tell me about your experiences working at the different hospitals in the Phoenix area and what your thoughts are! Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions!
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  3. by   robred

    I relocated to the Phx area three months ago (3/2017) from Wisconsin with credentials similar to yours and hold a critical care float staff position. I can offer feedback to your questions...feel free to email me at If you wish, we can connect be phone or email.