1. I live in Chandler AZ and I ahve a Bachelors degree in Management and business. I would like to go on and get my masters in nursing but I just moved to AZ and do not know any good colleges out here. I'd like to be in school for as little as possible, but I know there will be some pre-req's i will need to take. I really do not want to go to any online colleges. Can anyone help me?! I just want to get my life on track and haven't been able to find a decent job with my degree.

    please help!!
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  3. by   pattchez
    There is a new program called a "clinical nurse leader" which admits students into a MSN program without an undergrad nursing degree. It is a new program but I do not know if any schools of nursing in AZ offer it. As another suggestion you might consider working for a hospital and then they will provde tuition reimbursement into a nurising program. I work at Chandler Regional Hospital and they have nursing tuition and scholarship programs for ppl intereted in nursing. Best wishes.
  4. by   MsBruiser
    Unfortunately, in the state of AZ you are out of luck. There is no direct entry MSN program. I already have a BA/MA in an unrelated area, and I am currently in the community college getting my ADN because I did not want to do the extra pre-reqs for ASU. You are looking at a minimum of one year doing pre-reqs and probably another year or so to apply to the community colleges. BSN programs require more pre-reqs and also have competitive admission - so it is hit or miss if you get in. You will have to move for a direct-entry MSN. You can also apply to some of the ADN accelerated programs - there are various. Go talk to ASU and community college nursing advisors to get an accurate picture of where you stand.