Gateway Com. College AZ accelerated, starting Aug, anyone?

  1. I just got news today that I have been accepted into the Gateway accelerated program that begins in August. Is there anyone out there that has been through this that can give me an idea of the schedule? I have 3 children so schedules are important. I can't wait for the info. to be snail mailed. Any info or advise would be welcomed.

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  3. by   awest19
    I just got accepted into Gateways accelerated program also, so far this is the most info I could find, if you scroll towards the bottom it gives a better overview Registered Nursing | GateWay Community College
  4. by   rocknaz
    Hi! I also got accepted to the Gateway accelerated program! I don't have any info yet either so thank you for the link. I am very excited to begin this journey
  5. by   awest19
    Idk if you guys have started your background check but if not you may want to, it could take up to five days to get the results and you just need to go to and the package code is AN79bg. I figure the sooner I get it all done the better, and my friend who is already in said that all we really need to start is an iPad and stethoscope, she said everything is off of the iPad including books.
  6. by   twash10
    I'm in block 1 right now at gateway. I'm not sure what the accelerated schedule is gonna be like but for me I have lecture monday and Tuesday from 12-4 and lab Wednesday and Thursday from 830-430. After the first 8 weeks you then start clinically at a long term care facility. Mine is on Wednesdays at the VA. Some clinically were Wednesday and Thursday but less hours a day. Good luck everyone! It's a great program! Super intense but so great so far! I'm more than happy to answer any questions
  7. by   twash10
    Clinicals*. Oh and in regard to the books, you can get the bundle of just the snooks and access codes so you can just have all your books on your ipad or you can get the book bundle with the actual textbooks (which are massive) and they include all the access codes plus the e books as well so you can put them on your ipad. It's only $300 more for that. That's what I got. I like have the actual bug textbooks to read at home and to study off of but then I only have to carry my ipad to class and wherever I go I can read cuz there is an insane amount of reading in block 1.
  8. by   twash10
    Wow I meant e books not snooks. Darn auto correct on my ipad lol
  9. by   nununewman
    I also am starting at Gateway in the fall in the accelerated program. I know some friends have told me that other schools/teachers have issues with ipads or laptops during class, but if this is not the case at gateway I am definately going to be getting an ipad!
  10. by   twash10
    I'm at gateway right now and my teachers highly suggest bringing your laptop to class everyday! I bring mine and my ipad to every lecture and lab so that way I don't have to drag the huge books around cuz I access all my textbooks on my ipad. It's been wonderful! Good luck with everything! Your in for an awesome whirlwind of a ride!
  11. by   rocknaz
    Has anyone heard on when we will w getting our nursing information packet?
  12. by   awest19
    I haven't heard that but orientation is Aug 15th, they haven't finalized the book selection yet and they haven't finalized the schedule but she said as of now it looks like Mon 8:30-11:30 and Tues Wed Thur 8:30-4:30 until Oct when clinicals start
  13. by   nununewman
    I have not heard anything about the packet coming but will post when I get it! Has anyone done the background check yet? Or know how long it usually takes?
  14. by   rocknaz
    Quote from nununewman
    I have not heard anything about the packet coming but will post when I get it! Has anyone done the background check yet? Or know how long it usually takes?
    I completed my background check it took a little over a week to process.