Experienced Ambulatory RN looking to move PHX area

  1. hi I'm a preop/post op RN (no BSN yet) looking to move in the next 6-8 months. I'm open to most areas around Phoenix. we just got back from there, checked out Gilbert, Chandler, Norterra, Desert Ridge,Scottsdale...etc.
    I have 9 years exp.: 4 years in Heart transplant/Cardiac step-dwn and 5 years preop/Phase II post op in a hospital currently.
    Any thoughts on Desert Ridge Outpatient center or The Surgical Hospital of Phx?
    I think I would like an outpatient Ambulatory Center rather than a hospital setting but its not a deal breaker. where I work now we do not admit children. (the youngest I've cared for were young teens so children would be a little scary for me.)
    Does anyone have any exp or input regarding outpt centers? Pay, benefits etc?
    Is it harder for an experienced RN to land a job in the Phoenix area? I realize BSN is a big deal and I'm working on it. PLEASE any info would be helpful!!
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