Dignity Health New Grad Positions

  1. Has anybody heard anything that applied to the dignity health new grad openings at Mercy Gilbert and Chandler regional? I noticed they closed the application period already.
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  3. by   Nikk29
    Have you heard anything? I saw you posted on the 15th? The job said July so I don't know if they are waiting to call closer to July??
  4. by   Megash
    I haven't heard anything. My application says "under hiring manager review", but thats it. It's been under review for quite some time though.
  5. by   AZ_rntobe
    Applied as well with application status "under hiring manager review". Per a friend who did her residency at Chandler Regional, they are waiting to call until June because that is when most of us will be RNs.
  6. by   Nikk29
    Oh gotcha! I wonder how many they take?? Since it was open for only a couple of days I hope that increases the odds
  7. by   Megash
    Hopefully! Fingers crossed.
  8. by   cdpedro
    I just got a call today for an interview from Chandler for the July cohort
  9. by   Megash
    I'm still under hiring manager review.
  10. by   Nikk29
    Same do you think they make all the calls today?