Current Scottsdale students, what plan are you on?

  1. I see on the website that MCC offers "traditional, accelerated, weekends, evenings" options for the RN bridge. What do they have at Scottsdale? Is anyone bridging through the accelerated program? How long is it? Evenings, weekends? Anyone? I am hoping to work part-time, at least, at the dialysis clinic as I do school. If I can find a program that is right.

    Also, being that there are 10 programs available just through this CC, there couldn't be a long wait list, right? Or am I wrong? Here in Dallas, you are lucky to be considered after a year, there are only a handful of programs in the entire metroplex.
    If you've bridged in Phx, please feel free to throw in your opinions and tips!

    thanks for responding!
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  3. by   HJS27

    Click on the little blue "info" links next to the school names.
  4. by   serenity1
    Unfortunately, even with so many locations/programs, I waited for 2 years to get in. The waiting list with MCCCD can be long. Best wishes to you. I hope you find a program that fits your needs!!!
  5. by   GeauxNursing
    thanks! I heard that ppl who are bridging don't wait as long as the initial full-program ppl have to. could this be true??
  6. by   serenity1
    That's possible, I don't know. I hope it works out for you! I got in through the Banner Nurse Fellows-that's how I finally got off the list. Good luck.