County temp position or Kingman per diem float pool

  1. I don't know how to chose a job.

    I live in Phoenix. Kingman told me even though I'll be in the float pool there's a good chacne I will get a permanent position. Chances are I will definitely get my 1 year worth of experience. Bonus is they'll pay for gas and housing while I stay there. Plus they'll schedule me 3 days in a row. So that will be great. Bad thing is it's far and there are NO BENFITS, unless I get hired on permanent.

    I also was offered a temporary position at County. I love that hospital. I'll get great experience. It's part time and only till March. Smaller chance to get hired permanently. I'd love to be there though and try to get in. Since it's part time I can keep my curent job that has benefits. If they dont hire me on permanently I dont think 5 months experience will be very good to get a job.

    Let me know what you think fellow nurses. Thanks.
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  3. by   wmg246
    I was also hired with at Maricopa Med Center. I feel confident that full time positions will be available for us. I don't think they want allthe time and money spent on us to be wasted. Congrats on both offers. Whatever you decide will be the correct choice.

    Good luck and maybe I will see you at orientation!
  4. by   MalissRN
    Well Thanks. I will be at orientation. I'm still a little torn though. Feeling better about taking the County job.