1. Have any of you students taken CHM130 online through Rio Salado? If so, how was it? What are the labs like? Would you rather have taken it in a classroom? I am trying to decide if I should take it online or do the classroom thing.
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  3. by   wimpy
    I took all my classes online including CHM130. It seemed pretty easy to me, but online classes are tough. You have to really be disciplined to do online classes. I also have had really great feedback from the teachers. They are very helpful, plus they have a place on campus to help with your class. Wish you the best of luck.
  4. by   TinkRN8
    Thanks for your response, wimpy. I have already been taking my pre-req's at Rio. Currently taking BIO 205. I had just heard that CHM130 was really difficult to do online and might be better to take in a classroom. Thanks again!
  5. by   RobynBobbin
    I'm taking it in the classroom right now and could not imagine taking it online.