Banner new hire orientation

  1. I was just hired for a psych RN position at a Banner hospital in the valley. I'm psyched but nervous about orientation. I saw something on here about people not passing a math test on IV drip rates and losing their jobs. Is that true?! I'm good at math but I can't afford not to have a job right now! I have three years of experience but all as a psych nurse so my patients are all pretty medically stable and definitely no IVs so I'm rusty on my calculations.

    Anyone know what to expect at orientation for experienced nurses at Banner? Thanks!
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  3. by   alliesweetie14
    I don't think this is true, Banner is amazing at teaching. And they NEED nurses, they are in no position to just be letting people go. The titrations shouldn't be too difficult, just brush up on them in a nclex book. remember what you have/what you need!
  4. by   alliesweetie14
    plus a lot of them will be just getting a bolus lol
  5. by   rachaelofcourse
    I'm kind of surprised they're even giving you a math test on IV stuff, because that's definitely not something you do in psych (as you mentioned).