ATT, graduated 8/1 from SCC

  1. Anyone have an idea about how long arizona and maricopa schools take to get an ATT? graduated a week ago and have seen no movement. only 16 graduated over the summer at SCC so hoping it won't take too long..
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    You understand that the entire concept of 'time' is irrelevant when you add 'Board of Nursing' to the equation, right?
  4. by   alliesweetie14
    well, I've dealt with them in the past and i don't think it was the boards who is taking the long time, i think its my school! so was wondering how long other maricopa schools have taken.
  5. by   rachaelofcourse
    It took 3 weeks post grad to get my ATT.
  6. by   mrsboots87
    SCC takes up to 2 weeks to send out your transcripts and such to the board. When I graduated they took 3 weeks because I was a fall graduate and Christmas week was the second week. The board then processes your application with 10 days to send permission to test to Pearson vue. Pearson vue will then send your ATT within a day or two from then as long as you have already paid the testing fee.
  7. by   rac1
    Our class graduated May 10th ish, and we got our ATT on June 8th. It seemed to take FOREVER. Just study, study in the mean time!
  8. by   AZBlueBell
    At EMCC, graduated beginning of December and didn't get an ATT until mid January.

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