Arizona State Univeristy - TPCNP Spring 2018 Cohort

  1. Hello future nurses! I just submitted my application 3 weeks ago for the ASU nursing program beginning Spring 2018. My advancement score is a 1.817 (GPA 3.72 and TEAS 88.7%). All applicants, what's your advancement score! Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   Egaddy
    Good luck!! I graduate in December!! I the wait to know if you got in is crucial!
  4. by   asuapril
    Hello!! I applied for Spring 2018 as well, my advancement score was 1.81.
    Waiting is the worst!!
  5. by   Kellyssimons
    Looks like we have the same advancement score I hope we both get in! I know 1.82 was the cut-off last cycle, so I'm hoping this time it's not as competitive. Good luck!