?moving to Sedona from Mass

  1. Hi
    I am thinking of relocating from the Boston area to Sedona with my family.
    I have been in home health for the past ten years. Any work for me??
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  3. by   emlpn
    HI Sammie,
    I am also from mass and moving to AZ, different area though. I have been researching a lot and thought I might be able to help. If you look online to AZCentral in the classifieds you may find some jobs in that area for your line of work. There are some homehealth nursing jobs out there that I found (I have also been looking for myself-maybe a change). If you look on a lot of the nurse job sites you will find some Hospice jobs, I don't know if out there the Hospice is what it is out here. Some of the jobs I saw seemed that they were Hospice 'facilities'. Keep looking, If you need more info on sites let me know, I have a bunch saved. Just look up "nurse jobs, Arizona" you might come up with a lot depending on what search engine you use. Good luck. Hope I was some help.