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I am moving to Columbia, MD next month. If any of you live and work around Baltimore can you tell me about good places for LPNs to work, who pays well, what commutes are like or if there is transit from Columbia to Bsltimore?

I primarily do skilled care, subacute, MR/ICF, psych, or hospice but I don't know if I would want to do home hospice in a completely foreign place to start out.

I have talked to Lorien in Columbia, a SAVA facility in Geln Burnie and one in Catonsville, also I think.


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Jules A is a MSN and specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

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Shepard Pratt (psych) hires LPNs as well as Kernan (rehab) of course you will probably make more money in LTC. Good luck.

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