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Are teachers authorized to change the syllabus past program date?


Im 3 weeks away from finishing my LVN program. However, the teacher had announce that she will extend the class 1 extra week because she was not able to "cover all the topics" by the end of the program. The reason this was the case was because she was absent. This would normally be a great opportunity but I can HONESTLY say that the only thing I learned in her class was to block her voice out and self study on my own. So what's the problem: It takes away 1 week of valuable study time towards HESI and NCLEX. Im ready to take her final and had explained to her that the syllabus states that the program is to be done on 3/20, not 3/27. She stated that "If I didn't want to come on the 27th, then I don't have to.":uhoh21: Please advise????

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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She already told you "If I didn't want to come on the 27th, then I don't have to." So, don't go in. Stay home and study on your own since you think you are ready.

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