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Are they really "that" bad? (Augusta Tech Nursing Professors.)

by AmberG1996 AmberG1996 (New) New

Quick question to those of you who are currently in the ADN program at Augusta Tech, or who have graduated from it:

I was speaking to my grandmothers friend who is an RT, but is deciding to go back to school & become a nurse. I was telling her that I am going for nursing also, she then proceeded to ask where I was planning on going, and I told her Augusta Tech. She kind of gave me a funny look, and told me she had sat in one of the ADN orientations & that the professors are really out spoken & she said that one professor said "If any of you women have children & dead beat "baby- daddys" who don't want to help watch your children while you go to school then I'd advise you to go on ahead and get out." I felt like that was really harsh... Lol

I really don't care if the professors are like this, it's not going to change my mind about attending there, I was just curious if it was really that tough, and if the teachers are really like that... Thanks!

- Amber