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Are there NP run programs that help patient with chronic conditions get off their medications?

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I am a young nurse pondering my future and in need of some advice on which route I should take to reach my goals. I am passionate about strategies to prevent disease and using things like diet to reverse or lessen the severity of disease. So far I have come up with two ideas: (1) programs to help patients get off their medications and stay off of them and (2) a form of health coaching. 

I wanted to see what is already out there, the possible advantages/limitations, and maybe even get some advice. Your help is much 

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Your target market is that 2% of people somewhere that are motivated enough to lose 50 pounds, possibly more, and keep it off. There are already thousands of such nutrition and fitness gurus trying to make a living this way.

As an NP, you would differ from most of them in that you can actually order labs, and monitor metabolic parameters.

Aside form bariatric surgery, the medical community has had relatively little to offer the obese. So far, telling people to move more and eat less has had almost no impact. Pharmacologic treatments have also been disappointing.

It could be there is a market out there for this type of service offered as an NP. It would generally not be covered by insurance, so this would be an out of pocket thing. Essentially limiting it to the well off. 

But most obesity in the US is among the lower middle class and the poor.

Just my thoughts

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blushpink has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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Hello! I also wish to be able to provide what the original post, @NurseLissie wants to do, and make a living. However, I agree with @Oldmahubbard. Unfortunately, our healthcare system appears to be more reactive than proactive/preventative. I’m currently working in a specialty where most patients do not want to get better on their own and want their healthcare providers to “fix” them. 

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