Are hospitals staffing up yet? Seattle seems to be

by skydancer7 skydancer7, BSN, RN Member Nurse

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I am a nurse in Oregon and I haven't seen any ads yet for crisis nurses needed. Seattle definitely has been staffing up. I am wondering if I should contact area hospitals, or just wait for staffing agencies to advertise, because if I do go back to hospitals, it's going to be temporary, to help us get through the covid crisis if/when it hits my area. I figure agency might be ideal for temporary. But I also want to protect myself by going with whoever is going to give me day 1 health insurance for being in a hazardous environment...

Are your hospitals staffing up yet? What's the best way to get involved if it's been a year or so since I did hospital nursing? (have mostly been in outpatient OR the last 2 years...) Just thinking ahead