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Are there graduate nurse positions in SC?

by 70sMerf 70sMerf (New) New

I am graduating with an Associate degree in Nursing next month (Dec).:yes: I am anxious to start working as soon as I can. Most if not all the positions I see advertised though are only for licensed nurses in both SC and NC. I won't be taking the NCLEX exam for a month or two. Is there anywhere that will hire me as a graduate nurse before I am officially licensed? I know other states will but I have my heart in the Carolinas!

One other complication is that I am taking the NCLEX in MO since I currently live here (it is one of the compact states). But plan to move to the Carolinas. Since I don't have an address in the Carolinas yet and I am not sure which state I will end up in for sure, what will I need to do to work in NC or SC?

Thanks for any advice!