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Are my grades acceptable?

I would like to apply to my local schools:

Community College:

- Riverside Community College

- San Bernardino Valley College

POSSIBLE Universities:

- Cal State University, San Bernardino

- Loma Linda University (last choice)

- Cal Baptist University (last choice)

Do you recommend re-taking any of these courses? If so, which ones? For next semester Spring 2018, I plan on taking Intro to General/Biochem/Organic Chemistry, History, Philosophy. I already completed Spanish103, and Developmental Psychology (B). All these B's are bothering me, due to my mistake of wanting to take heavy courses together, such as Medical Micro + A&P2 + Spanish 103 this Fall 2017.

English: A

Math: B

Communications: A

Humanities 1: A

Humanities 2: A

Sociology: B

Psychology: A

A&P 1: B

A&P 2: B

Medical Microbiology: B

TEAS: Not taken yet.

Do any of you have any tips for what to do right after?

So far I:

Applied to the schools I want to attempt

Renewed my FAFSA

Looked up the dates for evaluations of sending in final transcripts (my grades became finalized today 12/22 just a few hours ago!)

Thank you.


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