Are my fears neurotic?

by JohnCena98 JohnCena98 (New) New Student

Hey, I'm an aspiring CRNA and somewhere down the line of this pursuit, I've developed a(n) (irrational?) fear of automation negatively impacting the roles of CRNAs in the next 10-20 years. Does anybody have insight to how AI will impact CRNAs in the future? I guess my fears stem from the fear of sinking tens of thousands of dollars into school, only to become obsolete to a machine about a decade or so later.

Are my fears valid? If they're not, can somebody reassure me and tell me why?

Thanks in advance.

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"Are my fears neurotic?"

Yes. There is real, tangible competition from the ASA and AAs. More to fear from them than robots.

And I know John Cena ain't scared of no robots.

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