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Are these classes any good for me? Trying to get out of being a medication nurse.

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I am currently a charge nurse passing out meds for 16 people and for some reason, I hate it. I want to get out and do something else, and not be responsible for all these people. This is my first job and I am 21 and this is a huge responsibility. There are classes for Director of Staff Developing and Wound Care. DSD cost $500 and the Wound Care is $200. Which one is worth to take or should I not spend my money on this? What would benefit me in my nursing career and get me out of what im doing!!!!?!

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Much more need for wound care skills than DSD skills. Wound care is needed in the hospital, in the SNF, in the community... everywhere... big city, little town, urban, rural... well, wound care is everywhere.

DSD... um, not so much. And the 3 DSDs that I've known basically rolled into the jobs when somebody else left. None were specially trained.

Learn all you can about wound care... it's an incredibly useful skill set.