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Are you only allowed to apply to one ADN program in NYC?

Due to some financial concerns and large student debt from undergrad, I am looking to apply to some ADN programs in NYC. However, I noticed that all of the programs under the CUNY system has an admission requirement that requires you to be a matriculated student at the university to be eligible to apply for their nursing programs. Essentially this would mean that once you are enrolled, you cannot apply to other ADN programs. Due to Covid, I cannot seem to get a hold of anyone and just wanted to know if this was true. And if so, how do you move around this in order to increase my chances of getting in to an ADN program 😕 ? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, this is true. There are non CUNY direct entry associate programs like Montefiore and Cochran school of nursing and the tuitions are similar.

Also, matriculated for some CUNY schools means just taking one class.


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