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Are there any ADN programs still accepting students for fall '12?

by hjs13 hjs13 (New) New

Once I found out I was moving to North Carolina, I decided on a career change as well. I really want to get into nursing but it seems like all the deadlines were a few months ago for the fall of this year. It also seems like none of the schools offer a Spring start. That means I would have to wait a year and a half to start a nursing program! I rreeeeaaallly don't want to do that. I have a bachelors degree in another field and I think a lot of the classes would give me credits towards the nursing classes.

I'll be in the Pinehurst area, so I looked into Sandhills CC, FTCC, and Central Carolina CC. Central said they were doing another consideration period in May so I will try my best for in there but does anyone know of any other school close by that might still be taking applications for this fall? If not, it seems like most of these programs want you to have your CNA...where is the best place to get this done? I wouldn't mind getting that and getting some working hours in as a CNA/PCT, many of my friends from the nursing program up in Pittsburgh are working as that while theyre in school.

Any advice will help! Thank you!