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APRIL 21 is the big day!


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I finally scheduled an appointment for my nclex exam! I called the Pearson Vue in Malaysia to have it scheduled since I cannot do the scheduling online since I'm outside the United States. I had a hard time with my PLDT coz the international direct distance feature is not available so i have to go through an operator just to get through. They took my info data for verification, candidate id number, my authorization number, the credit card number, the security code, and the cardholder... They'll also ask your for an email address where you'll receive your confirmation of nclex exam appointment! Hehehe... I'll be taking it in Makati at 9AM! Lots of reviews to do before the big day! I'm excited and scared at the same time! :yeah:

Good Luck!! I hope everything goes well for you!:wink2:

You have lots of time so study hard. Wishing you good luck and success!

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