Approved for License!

by tayadea tayadea (New) New

I just wanted to do a quick update,

I got a misdemeanor assault charge in early 2011 at 18 years old in Texas. I completed differed adjudication probation early. I paid all of my fees on time and did all of my community service. I had a clean record up to that point and since.

I sent in my application to the TBON on 4-1-14, they sent back because they wanted me to circle something and sent it back to me on day 30. I sent it back, and there was a 6 day delay that was my fault because my newborn was in the hospital. I was finally able to submit fingerprints 15 days later and they got them on 6-10-14. I got a letter saying they needed a more detailed statement sometime around the middle of the month, so I sent that. They got it 6-24 and I called today and received the word that my approval letter was being typed up and should be in my mailbox sometime within the week! It took a little over 3 months start to finish. I hope everyone has smooth sailing! Now it's time to finish school.

(I scanned everything and e-mailed it, I heard it speeds up the process and I think it really helped.)