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appreciate any study advice

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I have always worked with clients, patients, residents (whatever the term the facility used to treat people with addiction and mental health).  Now I am embarking on nursing because I want to improve my education in physical health.  I begin LPN classes in April.  I would appreciate any study advice.  I want to be a good male nurse. Thank you.

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Good luck in April!

I suggest learning your study style, everyone learns differently and retains information differently. Flash cards, diagrams, charts, color coding things in the notes. 
Study on your downtime, don’t try to study for 4 hours straight at least allocate 2 hours to studying the material learned in class. Take breaks! 
Buy a tape recorder to listen to lectures again just in case you missed something. (You’ll have to ask the school and professors if that’s okay)

Review classwork ahead of time. Read through text before you get to class.

Practice! When you finish a section of reading, go through some practice test questions.

Ask for help and ask questions, even look into forming a study group. 


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