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Applying for UK Nursing VS Ireland Nursing


Hey there! Hope everyone's well.

I am from Philippines and I am already on the assessment phase for NMC-UK in order for me to qualify for their OSCE. I am still completing my requirements though but then I am having second thoughts (though it's bit late for me already)

Ireland has opened their doors and compared to applying in UK they do not have (alot of) examinations. Checking their offers, they are also much bigger than in what I got from an offer in one of NHS hospital.

I am becoming indecisive as to whether continue my application in UK because of no assurance of becoming an RN there. I have read posts on how they assess in OSCE and failing the candidates due to minor reasons. And they also have less percentage of passers.

For those who have thoughts on this if you could share them to shed some light. If you also applied for UK, why have you chosen it? Thanks.

Hello! I am new here. This was posted a year ago but I am hoping I can still get a reply. I am currently in that situation too, torn between UK & Ireland. May I know which one did you choose and why? Thank you!

Hi there, wndering also where did u choose to work ? I still very cinfused and not able to start any regstration ....TIA