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Applying to Schools & Sending Transcripts During COVID-19 Lockdown


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Has anyone ordered official transcripts and applied to schools since all the schools have closed due to coronavirus? Is there a delay or are the schools sending and accepting transcripts right now since they are closed?

For example, there are some schools that have a June 1st deadline that I want to apply to but I am worried if I pay to send the transcripts there will be no one there at the school (since it's closed) to send or receive the application and transcripts. Anyone have any information on this? I've tried contacting schools but with no success thus far.

I have had no issues sending transcripts! The university I attended for my undergraduate degree is not closed. They are just working remotely for the most part and offering online classes.

I also took a few pre-req courses at a different school and had no problems with transcripts.

As for the receiving school, if their application is still open and accepting applicants, then they should be receiving/accepting transcripts.