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Applying for an RN license in another state when you have 3 misdemeanor DUI's


I got the DUI's before I became an RN. The last one was 14 years ago, and I have been sober since then. I had no problem getting my license in Florida 5 years ago, but now I want to move to either NY, DC, or Boston, and I wonder if I would be able. They are all misdemeanors and nobody was hurt. I am 54.

I'm an RN in Florida. I got 3 DUI's before I got my RN license (I've been sober since my last DUI 14 years ago). There were no injuries. I had no problem getting my license in Florida. I want to move to either PA, DC, Mass., or Illinois - does anyone know if other states are as lenient as Florida when it comes to DUI's that happened before you went to nursing school? I'd appreciate info on any state, actually. Thank you.

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