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Applying in person or through online which is better?


Hi, i recently got my licence and planing to apply for jobs can anyone tell me which would be better while applying for a job, going to the human rosource and handing in the resume or applying for the position on website. thank you all for ur advice:thankya:

It depends on the individual employer/facility -- many are going to an "on-line only" policy. My current employer will not consider any paper applications or resumés; HR has been instructed to put them directly into the "round file" (although, presumably, if you hand-carried it in to them, they would at least have the decency to explain this to you before they tossed your application :rolleyes:)

I would follow (precisely) whatever directions the job posting gives about how to apply.

I was advised by one of my counselors that when applying for a job (especially as a new grad) we (I received notice that I passed on 11/13/09) should do both. Apply online, but back it up by going in to the facility in person to reinforce your interest in person - *disclaimer* - providing you can get in to the place.