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Applying to nursing school 2017, stats?!

by Mtinajero14 Mtinajero14 (New) New

Hello everyone! I always read these posts and I made an account about 30 seconds ago because why not! :laugh:

Anyways, I am applying to nursing school and had a few questions!

what are yalls stats?

i have a

GPA OA: 3.85

GPA Science: 4.0

TEAS 6: 82.0

i am applying to twu, utmb, and Texas tech (ttuhsc), what are my chances? What programs are you applying to?

also I am currently enrolled in my last prerequisite which I finish next week. I am using the nursing cas for two programs and I submitted a transcript request to the nursing cas in October and they still haven't received my transcript ... going to resend the request does anyone know if transcripts have to be verified before the deadline? I'm afraid they won't be verified by mid January when the utmb deadline is...