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Applying for NP license and furnishing number with 2 old duis?

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So long story short: I have two old duis (2006 and 2008) from when I was a dumb 19 and 22 year old. I went through this ridiculous song and dance when applying for my california rn license. Jumped through all the hoops, put up with the ca brn waiting game, sent letters, etc etc.

They eventually granted me an unrestricted license and I've been practicing as an RN without issue ever since. 

Now my question is this: the NP application asks for the SAME information, Is this going to come back and haunt me? AGAIN?  despite being given an unrestricted license and practicing as a safe and competent nurse all this time?

Will it take as long? ( I had to wait like a year start to finish before sitting for nclex the first time?) Or will it be quicker because this is old news and they can already see my old files application and outcome etc? 

Please only respond if you're a practitioner or other APN. Thanks! 

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