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Applying to jobs before graduation


I was told by a few people that you should start applying to jobs before you graduate to try and get something lined up, however, my professor was explaining that applications go through an automated filtering system that will throw out any applications that do not fit the requirements. I graduate on April 14, so I started submitting some applications but I keep finding myself questioning how I should answer the "do you have a current RN license" question and the "Did you graduate" question. I feel like if I answer no to those questions, my application will not even make it to the hiring personnel desk, but if I answer yes that is lying. What I have been doing is answering no to the license but yes to graduating, since I am only a couple weeks away and at this point there isn't anything I can do to fail this last class.

What would or did you do when applying before graduation? Will my applications just be thrown out since technically I am not meeting the qualifications of the post just yet?

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