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Applying FALL 2011/SPRING 12'(Wolford,Barry,FIU)


Specializes in TELE. NEURO, ICU.

I will be applying to Wolford College in Naples,FL this fall. I will apply to more schools in FL area in the spring. What are your thoughts on Wolford? Barry? Florida Hospital College? FIU?

Does it really matter which program you choose? As long as you pass your boards, you should be ok, correct?;)


Yes, that is my thought as well!!! :cool:

My goal was to get accepted and start as fast as possible. Since Wolford has 2 start dates/I could begin sooner, I went with them (though I was accepted other places as well).

There are a bunch of people who have posted pros/cons about every school in the nation. You have to sift through (search) and get an idea of what is better, online lectures vs good clinical sites vs costs vs pass rates vs instructors vs weed out programs....etc. You will find more info faster if you search for it.

Otherwise, if you just want to get into a program, apply to all three and see what happens...this could all be a moot point. If you only get accepted to one, you may just want to take it.