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Applying to Chamberlain Sacramento


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Here is my advice for applying to Chamberlain College of Nursing, specifically the Sacramento, CA location!

The sacramento location is looking for a minimum 3.0 GPA and high 80s-90s on your HESI exam.

**my application was accepted for the September 2020 start date** I got a lot of questions on Instagram so I’d figure I’d answer them all here! 🙂

1. attend an open house! You will get your questions answered there about the program, the application process, etc. They also hold information sessions 2x a week which is the same information in a much smaller group. These sessions are great because you can speak to admissions advisors one on one 🙂

2. Apply EARLY in the application cycle!! They accept applications 3x a year. The application cycles are listed on Chamberlain’s website for each application window.

3. Study for the HESI at least one solid month before you submit an official application! Once you apply, they schedule your HESI exam asap. So plan accordingly! If you haven’t taken any prerequisite classes (A&P, Microbiology, Chem) I’d recommend beginning your studying earlier. Use HESI test booklets, the mometrix online study guide is worth the investment, and Khan academy on Youtube is great for science! Take it seriously. I deleted all social media and any other distraction apps off my phone. Eliminate distractions and put the work in!

4. If you aren’t accepted right away, KEEP PUSHING! The first time I wanted to apply my application was not competitive enough. So I took 13 units at my community college to boost my GPA before I applied again. Your advisor wants to see a change in your application!! Show them you’re serious. They accept up to 54 transfer credits, you can see which GE classes are accepted on the BSN 3-year schedule.

5. Make your passion statement personal. This is your chance to show admissions who you are besides your GPA and exam score! They don’t want to hear you want to be a nurse because someone you know is a nurse. They want to know who you are, what fuels your fire and how you’re going to make an impact in this field.

6. Ask questions! Instagram is a big tool to meet people. I’ve met so many people from Chamberlain’s Instagram account that have given me a lot of useful info! You can usually find current students by searching #ChamberlainUniversity or the Sacramento location’s geotag 🙂

Be patient! Your time will come. You will reach your goals! You will become an RN ❤️

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If I have like a 3.0, would that make it less likely to be accepted at the Sacramento campus, as that's just the minimum GPA?

Do they still require the HESI during this quarantine period?

Becca Lynch

Has 2 years experience.

8 hours ago, Savvy said:

If I have like a 3.0, would that make it less likely to be accepted at the Sacramento campus, as that's just the minimum GPA?

Do they still require the HESI during this quarantine period?

From my experience, as long as I was above a 3.0 I was eligible to submit. In your passion statement you can use a small portion to explain your GPA, like if you have any gaps in your academic history or if you had a bad semester, etc. Personally I was going to school previously to be a teacher, didn’t really care about my grades. Then took some time off, and when I came back for nursing I was doing a lot better. But since I had so many units previously completed, it took a lot of classes for my GPA to even budge. That’s the great thing about Chamberlain’s application process is being able to explain yourself. Whereas other nursing programs have black and white requirements, you either meet them or you don’t—just to get put into a lottery system. Chamberlain’s application process is very personal and they do put effort into getting you in as long as you put the work in too.

Is there anyone else who has been notified? We’re still waiting on an update from the college and it’s giving me anxiety!

Hey everyone!

I am applying for January 2021 and just wanted to meet some other applicants! I have a 3.1 GPA, have a bachelor's in Child Development from Sac State, I have completed my science classes such as Anatomy, physiology, and Microbiology. I just need to take Chemistry and they are not doing the HEIS right now I don't know my chances of getting in. I just submitted my Passion and purpose statement and sent in my official transcripts today so whats next? anyone else applying?

I applied for January 2021 as well. I turned in my statement and transcript just waiting to hear. Did they tell you when you will hear back? They told me the committee is meeting mid June.

They told me the deadline to submit everything was June 15th so I am assuming right after that date they will be reviewing applications!

Thank you! I can’t wait to hear!

IDK. I have family who applied and had fantastic grades (4.0 in sciences), over 95 on HESI and had an amazing passion and purpose. Still didn’t get in for some reason. We’ve lost hope on chamberlain, no better than the lottery in my opinion. They make you retake the HESI each time you apply too. Wish you the best on getting in.

I also have to mention that this was the 3rd time applying so we’ve paid $300 on HESI alone.

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Well I guess we just have to wait and see! Do you think a lot of people are going to be applying right now? I mean with everything going on.

good luck!

Liz did you apply to Sacramento?

Hi all! I was accepted into the January 2021 Sacramento cohort in May (I applied for the fall 2020 start). Here are my statistics! You got this 🤠

- B+, B+, B, B- in prerequisite sciences

- 3.75 GPA at Sonoma State University with a Bachelors in Political Science

- No HESI exam score (opted out due to coronavirus)

- 6 years of work in elderly care facilities, CNA/ medication aide 2+ years, and a childcare worker for boys who've experienced trauma