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Applied for "The Big Two"


Hi all,

about a week ago, I applied for an RN position at both companies. I have 3 years LPN experience in LTC, but only a few months as an RN on a cardiac floor, which is my current job. I don't really like the hospital setting. I like routine type jobs, small settings and getting to know my patients, which is completely opposite of what I'm doing now. I did enjoy LTC for these reasons, but staffing was a big issue and it was also physically hard at times. I have done some research on dialysis nursing and I really believe I would like it. My mom is a patient tech at one of the big two and she believes that I will like it better than what I'm doing now also. So I have applied at both companies.

so my questions are: 1. How long does it typically take to hear back from them for an interview (if I'm even qualified)? I'm trying to be patient but I'm excited and hopeful. 2. What is the interview process like? I have heard about the phone interviews and an interview in front of a panel, so is it both or just one or the other? 3. Any tips for an interview with these companies/questions I can ask them?

Thanks in advance for any help!!