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Applied to Georgetown fnp

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I just applied and scheduled my interview for the July 2018 cohort. 20 years in the healthcare field, military police 14 years, RN for 2 years in an array of units (float), good grades, and an MHA / BS in business admin, BSN from accelerated Isu program. What do you think my chances are? And any tips for the interview?


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I think you'll be fine. How was your undergrad gpa? My application took about 3 weeks but I got accepted for the September 2018 cohort.

Best of luck to you!


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The only bad thing I can say is that you applied to the July cohort. I applied to and was accepted to the sept 2017 cohort last year and later found out there were only 12 slots total for the July cohort so it has the potential to fill up fast. If those 12 slots have been filled you'll get a denial notice and the 12 people selected eventually just roll into the September cohort. I feel in general that you would have had "better" luck applying to the larger cohort convening in September.


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Have you heard back yet? I hope it's great news.