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application for MS/BS Program: Submitting 3 recommendations instead of 2?

Is this alright to do? This is for my application to Columbia's ETP program which requires two recommendation letters. I'd like to submit three and it's been alright for graduate school applications but I am wondering if this is a disadvantage for nursing school apps? I'm new to this, hence the noob question :)

i'm thinking its ok. maybe i'm so confused by all the applications i have to do, but i thought columbia needed 3 recommendations? i know that penn needs 2, but 3 people can fill it out online.

At the info session I went to for a different MSN program, they said it was OK, but that they would only look at two, and it would be the first two off the top of the pile so only do it if you are sure all 3 would be equally strong.


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