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Anyone working have elderly family members living with them?

by RN94 RN94 Member

Just wondering if anyone working has elderly parents or other family members living with them? What are you doing to protect them? Staying elsewhere? Staying home? If staying home what precautions are you taking? I have my elderly parents living with me. I work per diem but my VNA would like me to continue working. I can't afford to stay at a hotel (they want more than half my pay). I would appreciate any input. Thank you.

Thank you for this thread.

My husband is older than I and has health issues not atypical with his age which increase his middle-aged risk. He also has a part-time semi-public facing job that he insists on continuing with. I'm benched so I can't argue with the monetary aspect.

What do I do? Whatever I can. Insist he's protected as best he can be with sanitizer and whatever PPE we can scrounge together. Cook healthy meals. Monitor his vitals Continuous laundry and house cleaning, sanitizing every single thing that comes inside the door. Pray. Welcome any other suggestions...

Notably I am on a pandemic volunteer list (our state is disproporatiately infected for it's population and density) . We also have not peaked yet. and you can bet when I'm called I won't be staying at home with him until 2 weeks after I'm finished.

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