Anyone work from home?

by PMHNP Man PMHNP Man, MSN, APRN, NP Member Nurse

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I do some telemedicine work, and it's generally very lucrative for the minimal time commitment. It is, however, a side hustle.

Does anyone do it full-time? How does it go being at home all the time? Do you miss getting out of the house?


camelbakhi, BSN, RN

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I am about to start a kind of hybrid position where I work at my endoscopy unit three 10 hour shifts a week and then typically 1 shift at home for 10 hours roughly where I work as a "clinical support nurse" - charting corrections, making independent clinical decisions with patient's refills from our GI clinics (PPI refills, biologics, etc) as well as pre-calls prior to our endoscopy procedures to screen for any critical cardiac or respiratory issues that may be a barrier to being cared for at our center. So I am curious as well as the above poster people's experience working from home whether it be full time or partial!