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Anyone have testimonies about not doing so well first? I failed ab exam.

I just feel so discouraged and have been crying. I really want to be a nurse. We have to make an 80 and I scored 77. I study and study. Ive been in class a two weeks.

Nursing school is tough! Especially if you have to achieve an 80 (my school is 73%). And 77 is so close to 80! I know a lot of people in my class are not doing so well. It is even harder for the students who have English as their second language.

Don't freak out yet, it is only the second week! Do you have good study habits and methods? Do you have a job or a family that needs your attention? Don't hesitate to share your concerns with your instructor and utilize any life coach/life planning resources your school may offer or study groups your classmates might be organizing. Do you feel there is a reason or a subject or theme that you're not doing so well with?

Hang in there and try not to panic


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