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Anyone have to take the NLN PN exam in their PN program?


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We took our first of i'm assuming 2 NLN exams in our PN program. It wasn't counted for us or against us. What is the point in these tests? I scored in the 70th percentile. What does that mean for me?

The NLN pn exam is a tool used by schools to judge where you sit as a nursing student compared to other students nationwide. If you are in the 70 percentile, that means you have done better than 70% and worse than 30% of other nursing students nationwide. The school I attended required we pass our test in our last semester within the 85 percentile, if your within the 85 percentile you should have adequate knowledge to pass the NCLEX PN. The school I attended has a pass rate of 97% for the NCLEX-PN, the national average is 86%.

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