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So....I have been a nurse for 12 years in L&D and my Husband is a FNP/PA with 8 years RN and 2.5 years as FNP/PA. My husband is also a veteran of the Army!

We are looking to apply for an overseas job (probably just for him to start) in Germany through USGOV jobs. Has anyone done this? Advice? Tips? To do/not to do?

We are hoping to live abroad for 2-3 years and experience life outside of CA. Researching these topics, info is difficult to find and it all seems to be aimed at military people doing overseas tours.

I am just looking to connect with someone who has done it and get some advice on making it a smooth transition....you know, other than selling our house, cars, packing up all of our belongings...storing some, selling most and going on an amazing adventure.

We also have 2 little kiddos 3 & 7.....so any info on how to plug in our kids too would be amazing. Everything I read it seems like you take these jobs and are on your own for housing, schools, etc. Is there an option to put your kids in school on base? Etc.....

LOTS of questions! Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge...or just read my post ;)