Anyone successful in changing from PHN to other specialty?


I'm about to apply for a public health nurse position, doing prenatal and postnatal visits, and being cross-trained in communicable disease/STDs/TB/immunizations. Sounds like a type of nursing I'd like. But I'm concerned that with so many governmental budget cutbacks, even if I get this job my public health career could be cut short by layoffs. I wonder if these skills are transferrable enough to make a PHN employable in other specialties? I don't have acute care skills as it is. What do you think?


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im interested in finding out too


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Probably not. I know that if I get laid off, I will not easily find another job outside the public health/ clinic world unless I am willing to work in things like LTC/ SNF, Adult daycare Psych, etc. or move to a rural area.

If I lose my job, my plan is to search locally for 6-8 months for a job and if I can't find anything relocate to a rural hospital and work there for a year or two then try to come back.


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I went from Public Health to School Nursing. Nurses can always reinvent themselves. Always.