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Anyone had success with ati?

gvtdancer gvtdancer (New) New

Hey guys I hope everyone is having a good day and studying hard. I just recemtly graduated in December and have started studying for the NCLEX. My school has an agreement with ATI so that is the study material that I have been using. I am having a very hard time connecting the information that my instructor gives me to anything remotely being on the NCLEX. this is very frustrating. All i hear about is kaplan but i have already purchased ati through no choice of my own of course. but has anyone experieneced and luck with this program?

hi gvtdancer,

same here--i'm pretty frustrated. i'm using ATI for content and haven't been doing so well. Its ******* me off and makes me wonder if i'm wasting too much time on content review. I actually wanted to post something about content review-- how much should we know? I mean i know what gastric bypass is and general post and pre op care looks like but ask me to get into specifics-- normal post op sx vs abnormal my head starts spinning and i'm wondering if i'm not studying enough or I just don't get it :/

I have the kaplan strategies, practice and review book so i'm going to go through that for a bit before returning to ATI. It's small and has maybe 4 practice test. I'll see if it changes my ati results.........


My school had an agreement with ATI as well and I used the Virtual ATI when I studied for NCLEX. I graduated from nursing school and December spent about 2 weeks studying for boards using ATI and I thought that the way they worded the questions is exactly like NCLEX. I took mine last week on Tuesday and passed! Minimum 75 questions and I felt that ATI was a good review! Several classmates of mine have used it as well and have all passed with 75 questions!

Good Luck!


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